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Standard Junk Removal Services

Whether you have multiple office floors to be cleared out or you have a single item at your home that you need help getting rid of, we have your back.


If you are just looking for a quick estimate, feel free to text us at 978-560-7520

What we do

We help our customers get rid of unwanted items, no matter where they are located. No need to prep anything for us, just show us what you'd like to be removed and we'll take care of the dismantling, lifting, loading, transporting and proper disposal for you.

Our process for disposal is:

  1. Donate or reuse whatever items we can

  2. Recycle the items we aren't able to give away

  3. If we can't donate or recycle an item, we bring it to a local resource or transfer station, based on type of material.

What we take

In short, we take everything we can lift that is non-hazardous  and flammable items such as gas, paints and oils.

This can range from furniture, office cubicles, sheds, clothes, medical machinery, trash, beds... whatever you can imagine.

Feel free to consult this large list of standard items but please reach out if you have something that doesn't fit into this list as well, we'll be able to help you at least find the best solution.

How we charge

We mainly charge based on volume- how much space your items fill up in our truck. The only extras would be:

  • Recycling fees for certain items

  • Very dense materials have a separate rate

  • Labor is included in our volume rates, but additional could be added under certain scenarios 

  • (If any extras are applicable we'll go over them with you in detail before giving a firm price.)

When we are on site- you'll show us exactly what needs to go. We'll then go over pricing and our process with you and give an upfront price so there are no hidden costs, surprises or "gotchya's". Once you give us the go ahead, we'll get right to work.


You'll be left with a clear space that is broom swept and ready for it's next use. (Bar, Rental Space, Man Cave?)

To give a rough idea on pricing- we can pick up some single items for as low as $125 or fill up a whole truck for $875.

Feel free to text us for a quick estimate at 978-560-7520.

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